Rally 1.01

NEUON brings "Micro Machines" (tm) style gaming to your EPOC device.

This first game from new NEUON member Johnnie Walker represents a first for EPOC gaming, an arcade style plan view racing game for EPOC with excellent graphics and many other unique features.

Rally works on the 'Ghost car' concept. This is for two reasons: Firstly, it improves game speed, secondly, it means the game's difficulty level will continually adapt itself to your ability. You are constantly racing against your best laps.

Rally can be played in the 'Novice' difficulty level will pitch you against the slowest 3 (depending on number of opponents), 'Advanced' against the middle 3 and 'Professional' against the fastest 3.

Also featured in this new game is a fully featured map editor to allow you to design tracks that can be easily shared between friends or over the internet.

As is standard in all our new releases the Psion Revo is fully supported as are all other EPOC machines (colour graphics not yet available for the S7 or netBook).

Updated in version 1.04

- Fixes some registration related bugs

Updated in version 1.01

- Six new tracks

- Full Revo Support

- Improved Series 7 Support

- Some problem fixes

- Multiple track export

- New randomise lap record name utility

- Additional features and fixes to the map editor (registered users only)

- Choose tracks menu now sorted alphabetically

(Sunday 23rd May)


Registering Rally will entitle you to a registration code which will disable the nag screens and enable the map editor/import/export features, as well as entitle you to free registrations of future versions of Rally.

Name: Rally 1.01
Author: Johnnie Walker
Type: Registration key which will entitle you to free upgrades to all future versions, and unlock some of the more powerful game features.
Cost: 10 UKP()


As outlined in the How to Register page, we provide two methods of software registration (Postal, or Online). For postal registrations, please select an appropriate address from here (please also remember to include a stamp/stamped address envelope, or the appropriate handling charge value).

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[Download SIS]

All Platforms


The downloaded file is actually a ZIP file. You must first extract the contents to a temporary directory, and install from there.

If you are not sure how to install EPOC applications,
please read Installing Applications.

Fact files

- One of few fast action games available

- Race against you own best laps

- Impressive graphics

- Map editor

- Revo compatible

- New cars/tracks available online

- Over 15 tracks

- Highly customisable

- Improve your car with prize money

- Arcade style driving experience

Screen shots
Preferences dialog [screen shot]

Preferences dialog

Car set-up [screen shot]

Car set-up

Track selection [screen shot]

Track selection

Race view [screen shot]

Race view

Another track [screen shot]

Another track