Q-Calc 2.21

Q-Calc is a very advanced, intelligent scientific calculator with integrated function grapher, written by Graham Parks .

It has a lot more features than the built-in calculator, including an advanced screen display and full fraction, hex and binary support. The history list provides easy access to previous calculations and results, and a hotlist is provided for frequently used calculations. A live calculation feature displays the answer to an expression as you type in real-time, and an evaluate option simplifies entering complex calculations.

Q-Calc uses advanced display techniques to show expressions the same way they are written, with powers as superscripts, stacked fractions and square roots drawn around numbers. It also supports multiple zoom levels. Expressions can be exported as sketch files, so Q-Calc also works as an equation editor.

The built in utilities will solve triangles, simultaneous equations and quadratics, as well as finding gradients and converting between rectangular and polar coordinates. The matrix calculator can multiply, add, subtract and divide, as well as transposing and inverting.

The integrated function grapher supports up to six graphs simultaneously, and will find y values, intersects, minimums and maximums as well as calculating gradients and second derivative. Graphing speed has been found to be far ahead of competition, with tests proving it to be up to four times faster.

The graph editor has the same editing features as the calculator. There is a choice of colour and line thickness for each graph. Graphs can also be exported as sketches.

Q-Calc is in a different league to the built-in Calc application and will prove invaluable for any EPOC users who need a powerful calculator and/or graphing program on their machines.

UPDATED 21-6-01
*General fixes.

* Comprehensive complex number support, in both Cartesian and exponential form.
* Full support for number formats such as fractio, binary and hexadecimal
* Improved hexadecimal number entry
* Easy matrix entry
* Ability to calculate the inverse and determinant of any square matrix
* Other enhancements throughout the application

(Sunday 23rd May)


Name: Q-Calc 2.21
Author: Graham Parks
Type: Registration code via email
Cost: 15 UKP()


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The downloaded file is actually a ZIP file. You must first extract the contents to a temporary directory, and install from there.

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Fact files

- Advanced display

- Fast integrated function grapher, with trace mode and analysis

- Previous calculation list and hotlist

- Comprehensive selection of functions, including advanced trig, hyperbolic, boolean and probability

- Configurable on screen keypad

- 8 number formats: fraction, general, scientific, engineering, fixed (dp and sf), binary and hex

- Live calculation

- Matrix calculator

- Export as sketch option for both expressions and graphs

- Graph expression preview feature

- Improved Revo compatibility

- Multpile enhancements to main engine

- And much more...

Screen shots
Calculation mode [screen shot]

Calculation mode

Graph mode [screen shot]

Graph mode