nOrganiser 1.27

Dave Pearce’s nOrganiser is the new “Today” style application with a combined view for Agenda To-do items, Email inbox overview and Agenda’s current appointments - all easily accessible with full EPOC integration.

Although nOrganiser is designed primarily to provide the 'Today' view missing from most EPOC machines, it also helps with other day-to-day organisational functions. These include diary, task lists, email and note-taking/idea-jotting.

nOrganiser can be fully customized to use any Agenda/Notes file you wish and has an array of preferences options to modify the program to your needs.

Updated in this version
The NORGANISER\AGENDATODO invalid arguments error has been rectified in this release.

Updated in this version (1.24)

*Fixed the bug which caused the to-do list to not refresh once a single list had been selected.
*Positioning of pop-up listboxes optimised for Revo/Revo+/Diamond Mako machines.

(Sunday 23rd May)


Registering nOrganiser will entitle you to a registration code which will disable the nag screens, as well as entitle you to free registrations of future versions of nOrganiser.

Name: nOrganiser 1.27
Author: Dave Pearce
Type: Registration key which will remove nag screens and remove some restrictions.
Cost: 10 UKP(£)


As outlined in the How to Register page, we provide two methods of software registration (Postal, or Online). For postal registrations, please select an appropriate address from here (please also remember to include a stamp/stamped address envelope, or the appropriate handling charge value).

Please don't forget to read our Registration Policy
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[Download SIS]

All ER3-5 Devices


The downloaded file is actually a ZIP file. You must first extract the contents to a temporary directory, and install from there.

If you are not sure how to install EPOC applications,
please read Installing Applications.

Fact files

- A 'today-at-a-glance' view for agenda file items.

- Email summary details and shortcut buttons. (Currently ER1-ER3 only, an updated version featuring ER4-5 email view will be available in due course)

- Data file 'search' and 'card summary' facilities.

- Shortcut keys to built-in Agenda, Email, Data, Contacts and Jotter files.

- Creation of all types of Agenda entries from within the program

- Graphical note taker

- Very easy to use and clear user interface

- Large degree of customisability

- Available for all EPOC devices

Screen shots
Application view [screen shot]

Application view

Preferences dialog [screen shot]

Preferences dialog

ER3 Jotter style Data file template [screen shot]

ER3 Jotter style Data file template