NoMore 1.05

NoMore is an application to hide infrequently used applications from the Extras bar to reduce clutter. With a small footprint, lightning fast operation and ER5 compatibility, this is a must for any avid Psion user's EPOC32 machine.

(Sunday 23rd May)


[Download SIS]

Revo, Series 5mx, Series 5, MC218


The downloaded file is actually a ZIP file. You must first extract the contents to a temporary directory, and install from there.

If you are not sure how to install EPOC applications,
please read Installing Applications.

Fact files

- Hides and reveals all applications including ER5 applications.

- Allows you to run any hidden application from within NoMore, or with an "Alternative startup" view

- Allows you to create links to applications

- Hidden applications are available as a list

- Freeware

Screen shots
NoMore screenshot [screen shot]

NoMore screenshot