nICQ 2.20

nICQ version 2.20 now available.

nICQ is similar in operation to its desktop counterparts and therefore presents a simple and effective user interface offering fast and easy instant messaging.

As well as supporting all of the standard messaging features of desktop ICQ clients, nICQ has been specially designed to run on a small EPOC device whilst maximising usablitiy.

nICQ supports the use of multiple ICQ accounts, instant messages and user information.

You can find a list of other EPOC ICQ users on the following page .

Version 1.24 adds support for the Opera web browser, an improved log view and more reliable internet communications.

Version 1.25 adds support for Oregon Scientifc\'s Osaris machine.

Version 2.00 works with the ICQ server change and adds a standard menubar.

Version 2.01 fixes some bugs that made nICQ crash during startup.

Version 2.10 adds the following new features:

1. Automatic download of contacts from server
2. ICQ white Pages support
3. More detailed user information

Version 2.20 adds the following:

1. Message session window allows easier sending and receiving of messages.
2. Flashing message receive icon.

(Sunday 23rd May)


Registering nICQ will entitle you to a registration code which will disable the nag screen

Please note that nICQ is FULLY WORKING SHAREWARE, and is not crippled in any way.

You are limited to a 30 day trial period, after which the application will cease to function. Registration will remove the 30 day limit.

Name: nICQ 2.20
Author: David Kren
Type: Unlock code sent via snail mail or email
Cost: 15 UKP()


As outlined in the How to Register page, we provide two methods of software registration (Postal, or Online). For postal registrations, please select an appropriate address from here (please also remember to include a stamp/stamped address envelope, or the appropriate handling charge value).

Please don't forget to read our Registration Policy
if you've never registered a NEUON application before!


[Download SIS]

nICQ for all Psion, Diamond and MC218 devices


The downloaded file is actually a ZIP file. You must first extract the contents to a temporary directory, and install from there.

If you are not sure how to install EPOC applications,
please read Installing Applications.

Fact files

- Requires EPOC Message Suite installed and a connection to the internet.

- Easy to use intuitive user interface.

- On screen contacts list with filtering options, allowing on-line/off-line users to be seen at a glance.

- Allows multiple ICQ accounts with separate contacts list.

- Supports sounds which are played when a message or URL is received.

Screen shots
The nICQ main menu [screen shot]

The nICQ main menu

The nICQ send message dialog [screen shot]

The nICQ send message dialog