nArchive 1.01

nArchive allows you to compress and restore all of the files that belong to a program (or any other group of files) at the touch of a button. nArchive can automatically select which files belong to a program including any embedded files, using data from the Add/Remove control panel, or they can be selected manually by folder or file. Files are returned to their original location after decompression by either selection from the application's simple to use interface or by the user defined hotkey setup for the program group.

Version 1.01 is now available, and includes fixes some bugs that crept into the initial version.

Compression ratios obtained by nArchive are typically 40-50% and files hundreds of KBs in size can be compressed in a few seconds.

nArchive also includes the ability to quickly compress and uncompress individual documents. When a compressed document is opened from System it is first uncompressed, then opened with the appropriate application and then once the document has been closed any changes are save and recompressed.

An excellent review of nArchive can be found on the RevoWorld website.

(Sunday 23rd May)


An nArchive registration entitles you to a code which will disable the startup about screen, as well free upgrades to all future versions of nArchive. Please note that nArchive is FULLY WORKING SHAREWARE, and is not crippled in any way.

Name: nArchive 1.01
Author: Graham Parks
Type: Unlock code to remove nags and free updates to all future versions
Cost: 10 UKP()


As outlined in the How to Register page, we provide two methods of software registration (Postal, or Online). For postal registrations, please select an appropriate address from here (please also remember to include a stamp/stamped address envelope, or the appropriate handling charge value).

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[Download SIS]

nArchive for all platforms


The downloaded file is actually a ZIP file. You must first extract the contents to a temporary directory, and install from there.

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please read Installing Applications.

Fact files

- One touch compression and uncompression

- Program files are automatically selected

- Reduces file sizes by 40-50%

- Hotkeys allow fast access

- Single document compression

Screen shots
Main application view [screen shot]

Main application view

Group view [screen shot]

Group view