Chain Reaction 1.20

NEUON are pleased to announce the release of Chain Reaction v1.1 - a fun and action-packed strategy game for the EPOC range of computers.

Chain Reaction was originally released for the Psion3a/c. This conversion to the Psion5 enhances the experience with touch-screen support, full on-line help, several new game features and a new user-friendly game interface.

New in version 1.20
This version sees a co-ordinated release of Chain Reaction for all current epoc platforms.

The Game
Players take it in turn to place bombs on a game board. Placing a bomb on a square that already contains a bomb of your colour will stack the bombs in that square. When the bombs in a square reach a certain point (the "critical mass") the square will explode, showering the bombs into each of the surrounding squares and capturing any bombs that are already within them. If this causes these squares to also reach their critical mass they too will explode, causing a chain reaction across the board and capturing many of your opponent's bombs. Can you knock out all of the other players by eliminating all of their bombs from the game?

Chain Reaction is shareware, and is 1999 Adam Dawes & Neuon.

(Sunday 23rd May)


Registering Chain Reaction will entitle you to a registration code to unlock all features, as well as entitle you to free registrations of future versions of Chain Reaction.

Name: Chain Reaction 1.20
Author: Adam Dawes
Type: Unlock code sent via snail mail or email.
Cost: 10 UKP()


As outlined in the How to Register page, we provide two methods of software registration (Postal, or Online). For postal registrations, please select an appropriate address from here (please also remember to include a stamp/stamped address envelope, or the appropriate handling charge value).

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[Download SIS]


[Download SIS]

Series 5mx, Series 5, MC218


The downloaded file is actually a ZIP file. You must first extract the contents to a temporary directory, and install from there.

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please read Installing Applications.

Fact files

- From two to six players, any of which can be controlled by a human or computer player.

- Over 80 level files available with the registered version of the game, eight with the unregistered version, allow long-lasting varied gameplay.

- Fully-featured level editor (registered version only) allows you to create and play your own levels.

Screen shots
Chain Reaction for the Revo [screen shot]

Chain Reaction for the Revo

Chain Reaction in colour [screen shot]

Chain Reaction in colour