Castle III 1.10

Castle III (Gold Edition) is the third in the Castle series of role playing games, and the first to run on versions 1-5 of Symbian OS.

In Castle III, you play the part of a hero out to defeat the evil Storm Queen, who has taken all the maidens from your village. To do this, you\'ll have to face many different monsters, while visiting shops to buy new weapons and spells to help you.

Castle III is the biggest Castle game yet - it features more puzzles, more items, more monsters and better graphics than ever before!

Only the first episode (containing 5 levels) is available to unregistered users.

New Release Beta Version for the Nokia 9210.
UPDATED 1.06 save game fixes.
UPDATED 1.05 minor bug fixes.
UPDATED 1.04 includes a fix for detecting traps.
UPDATED 1.02 includes a fix for spell saving and improved Revo compatibility.

(Sunday 23rd May)


Name: Castle III 1.10
Author: Darren Prescott
Type: Unlock code sent via snail mail or email
Cost: 10 UKP()


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[Download ZIP]

Revo, Series 5mx, Series 5, MC218

[Download ZIP]

netBook, Series7

[Download SIS]

Nokia 9210 Beta

[Download SIS]

Castle III Hints - Symbian Help File

[Download SIS]

Castle III Hints - PDF File

[Download ZIP]

Level walkthrough in PDF format


The downloaded file is actually a ZIP file. You must first extract the contents to a temporary directory, and install from there.

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Fact files

- Runs in either 4 or 16 grey scales on mono machines.

- Available in a colour version.

- Over 20 levels.

- Save and load game options.

- Autosave feature.

- Full on-line help.

- Runs on Osaris and Revo

- Many spells to collect

- Medieval application atmosphere.

- Fight evil monsters!

- Discover the treasures of the dungeons.

Screen shots
First level [screen shot]

First level

A dungeon [screen shot]

A dungeon

At the shop [screen shot]

At the shop

Character information [screen shot]

Character information

Detailed help file [screen shot]

Detailed help file