Cascade 0.10

As part of Neuon's on-going work to enrich the EPOC scene, we are pleased to introduce the first BETA of Alex Skilton's Cascade OPM.

Cascade is the easiest and most powerful way to get fully cascading menus in your OPL applications. It provides all the features supported by mCARD, mCASC and mPOPUP - see the fact files for more information.

Beta 1 is the first public beta of Cascade. Please send any comments/ideas to alexskilton@neuon.com

(Sunday 23rd May)


[Download SIS]

Series 5 - other platforms may be supported in this release, but have not been verified


The downloaded file is actually a ZIP file. You must first extract the contents to a temporary directory, and install from there.

If you are not sure how to install EPOC applications,
please read Installing Applications.

Fact files

- Includes all the features supported by mCARD, mCASC and mPOPUP, including dimmed items, checkboxes, option buttons and shortcut keys

- Icon support (16x16 pixel) for use alongside menu items

- Fully asynchronous or synchronous operation

- Cascades supported in either direction (left or right)

- Full EIKON compliance

- Loads of other features - see the help file for more details

Screen shots
Cascading menus in action [screen shot]

Cascading menus in action