Blobs 1.01

It's not Tetris; it's not Columns; and it's definitely not Chain Reaction.

Blobs, the frantic new game from NEUON author Adam Dawes, has elements of all three mixed together to form an excellent new challenge for Psion5 and GeoFox owners.

Meet the Blobs: a cute group of little round creatures who like nothing more than seeing other Blobs of the same type. The Blobs fall from the top of the screen, Tetris-style, and can be rotated and placed on to a game grid. When enough Blobs form together to form a single group, the group will disappear, and the Blobs above will fall down to fill the space, possibly forming new groups of their own.

To make things more complicated, special Blobs called "Star Blobs" are also added to the game, and (depending on your game type) one or more will need to be included within a group before it will disappear.

Including special "Psideways" game play modes, which allow you to play with your Psion rotated 90 degrees to the left or the right (for right- and left-handed players) and which offer extra-large graphics, Blobs should keep you entertained for many many hours!

Some of the features you can find in Blobs are listed below in the Fact Files section.

(Sunday 23rd May)


Blobs is only 10UKP or 20USD, and at this price even you can afford to be a blob addict!

Name: Blobs 1.01
Author: Adam Dawes
Type: Unlock code sent via snail mail or email
Cost: 10 UKP()


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[Download SIS]

Series 5mx, Series 5, MC218


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Fact files

- Cute graphics and sound effects

- Fully configurable keyboard controls

- Psideways

- Auto-pauses when switching to other applications

- Automatic highscore and preferences saving

- Three skill levels and 16 game modes, giving a total of 48 different game variations (and 48 highscore tables!)

- Full on-line help

- Load and save game features (*)

- Highscore merging facility (*)

- Now available in English, Dutch and French

- * Asterisk indicates registered version only

Screen shots
Normal mode... [screen shot]

Normal mode...

Psideways mode... [screen shot]

Psideways mode...